About Us


About Us

Logi Linq designs operational excellence from origin to destination driven by technology.

Logi Linq is synonymous with service quality, reliability and operational excellence. We have an exceptionally strong focus on delivering high-quality services that consistently meets customers’ requirements and exceeds their expectations.

At Logi Linq we combine origin and destination logistics solutions with transportation services across all modes on a global scale. Logi Linq differentiate in designing pivotal supply chain solutions meeting Client specific requirements. We employ best practice processes, supported by leading-edge IT solutions technology, designed to provide vital visibility, that facilitates near real-time control of the movement of our Clients products.

Our mission is to support our customers with reliable and innovative solutions in order to outperform in their markets creating sustainable growth. We have the courage, commitment and passion to design and invest in ideas that will help our company and our customers come out on top. We stand for integrity, we’re open minded and celebrate individuality and know we can always learn more from each other, our customers and the communities we serve. We embrace collaboration as the force that drives our company.