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About Us

Logi Linq designs operational excellence from origin to destination driven by technology.

Logi Linq is synonymous with service quality, reliability and operational excellence. We have an exceptionally strong focus on delivering high-quality services that consistently meets customers’ requirements and exceeds their expectations.


What We Do

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Using sophisticated simulation processes, our engineers determine optimal numbers, locations of facilities and aggregate network flow paths.

Our engineers optimize your operational planning for better, smarter supply chain transportation decisions

Supporting the environment and playing part in the wider global community

A leading LTL and FTL network of trucks, terminals and drivers with outstanding service quality and on-time performance.

Our global network keeps your freight moving between countries and continents, fully compliant and documented.

Logi Linq alliances connect you to worldwide air freight service networks and offer flexible options with reliable delivery service.

Proven performance and market experience for efficient, effective long-haul rail and short-haul road services.

Logi Linq is a licensed professionals who helps importers and exporters navigate the complex process of customs clearance. 

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